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Preventing Negative Thoughts

Neuroscience and research shows that the human brain is programmed to detect danger, which is logical considering when we were first strolling around the earth there were many dangerous predators. There still are many dangerous animals but humans have taken over the control of the planet and we have turned these predators into our entertainment most of the time by placing them in zoos etc.

Anyway, we were built in with ‘threat detectors’ in the mind and nervous system to be keeping an eye out for these predators. Although society has massively evolved, our minds haven’t evolved a great deal. So this is why we have a strong pull towards negative thinking and remembering negative experiences as back in the day they could have been life threatening. The great thing is that most of the time in our lives the negative experiences and thoughts come from pressure at work, arguments with our partners, financial pressures and so on, which are challenging but not life threatening.

This talk from neuroscientist and meditation teacher, Rick Hanson shares how we literally can change the function of our brain so that we aren’t constantly hooking onto negative thoughts. We CAN get out of this cycle and slowly change so that we are positive people with an open and optimistic outlook.

Enjoy the talk and the great thing is that the techniques he shares are so simple and take seconds to do but they make a huge impact on your wellbeing and I can honestly say that. This is something that I have put a lot of focus and work into over the past few years and it has made a massive difference to me, my overall outlook and how I behave.
Watch the video here: Rick Hanson- Taking in the Good!

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Healthy Eating in Restaurants

During winter I often hear how it is hard for people to maintain healthy eating as they have low energy, it’s dark etc. etc. but then when it gets to spring and summer, there are lots of social events, Easter, beer gardens etc. etc…
So basically there is always an excuse to eat poorly, which means YOU have to take control of your choices and discipline. Many folk like to socialise with food or have a lot of work dinners and that’s ok, you can still make good choices and have a nice meal.

Below are some ideas of how you can make better choices when eating out. What I would say is- if eating out is a rare occasion for you and it is a nice treat then eat whatever you like and enjoy it. Just then focus on the day to day food consumption and get that in line. For those of you that eat out at least once a week, you may want to think about making smarter choices before the calories start to multiply. Check out the list before and please share with anyone that you feel this would help.

Breakfast Eggs
Grilled bacon withmushrooms and tomatoes
Porridge oats
Probiotic natural yoghurt
Wholemeal toast
Sugary cereals
Fried breakfast
Chinese/ Japanese / Thai Steamed fish or tofu with brown rice and vegetables Fried dishes, e.g.
Spring rolls
Fried rice
Italian Lean meat or fish dishes
Half portion pasta in a tomato sauce with salad
Pasta in cream-based sauce
Garlic bread
Indian Tandoori chicken, or other dry curries
Chana or dahl
Steamed rice
Creamy sauces
Naan bread
Fried rice
Mexican Soft tortilla with a chicken, shrimp or bean filling Nachos
Soured cream
Pizza Slice of thin crust pizza with a vegetable topping, served with salad Extra cheese
Fast food Grilled chicken or vegetable wrap (no mayo)Fish burger with salad
Hamburger with salad
Double cheeseburger
Fried chicken




Cardio Workout Here is a link to a simple but effective cardio workout that you can do anywhere- at home, in a hotel room, in a gym. Enjoy!

Running Fitness
Craig Ali Health- Cardio Circuit